I launched my website today. Took a week to edit all the files, establish the portal structure, secure my server, and create a blog. I’m still missing my contact page and Gallery, but those pages can wait. I got the essentials. Plus I ran into an issue with the contact form script and I think I’m going to start over. The Gallery just needs pictures. So, at the moment I’m amassing as many web friendly photographs I can find, edit them, and FTP them to my server. Once done I can create the Gallery with SimpleViewer.

I’m using (mt) Media Temple (dv) Dedicated-Virtual Server to power both my site and Blog. My (dv) Dedicated-Virtual Servers is powered by a Hewlett-Packard Proliant DL-Series machines featuring multi-core Intel Xeon processors and high-performance SCSI/SAS disk drives in a RAID-5 configuration. Currently WordPress CMS software runs my Blog. If your interested in a website, hosting, a blog, drop me a line at jabo@jabokevin.net.

Making ground beef Burritos tonight for dinner. Yum! Seasoned with my special “taco” seasoning.

Please, take a look around. Leave a comment. “Kick the tires and Light the Fires” if you will.